Protective Dog Vests

  • Defender Bay Vest
    A ¾ length vest. Lightweight with an emphasise on freedom of movement & extra frontal chest protection. Orange 1000 Denier Nylon protects the ribs.
    NZ$ 199.00
  • Defender Bikini Vest
    This Defender Bikini Vest vest is a shortened version of the full-length defender catch vest making it ideal for hot weather hunting.
    NZ$ 229.00
  • Defender Catch Vest
    A full body vest made of three separate layers. The front chest & ribs are offered the greatest protection, whilst the underbody is also protected.
    NZ$ 249.00
  • Impact Plate Vest
    This vest is a hybrid of the bikini vest and boar bib. It has one layer of kevlar throughout with additional layers of ballistic, cordura and viper cloth. Ultra tough vest.
    NZ$ 299.00
  • Texas Boar Bib
    Are you looking for more protection than your basic cut collar provides, but don't want to run a full cut vest due to heat or cost? The TEXAS BOAR BIB is your answer!
    NZ$ 225.00