Defender Bikini Vest

Defender Bikini Vest
This Defender Bikini Vest vest is a shortened version of the full-length defender catch vest making it ideal for hot weather hunting.
NZ$ 229.00
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The base of this entire vest is made of three layers: 1050 denier ballistic nylon fabric sandwiched between two layers of orange 1000 denier textured nylon fabric. On top of this shell are sewn protective side and chest panels

The side panels are made of viper cloth. The chest area has a panel of viper cloth and 2 layers of kevlar and is stitched for added strength and durability. These panels absorb the impact of a blow.

This vest provides protection in the "key" areas of impact when catching a hog. It comes standard with a high neck that overlaps the cut collar and reflective tape on both sides. Three black nylon straps secure the vest in place - two go over the neck area and one over the back.

How do I know which size vest to order? 

                              Barrel            Between Legs       Body Length

Small                  63.5 - 65.5cm        6.5 - 7.5cm         25.5 - 28cm

Medium               68.5 - 73.5cm         7.5 - 9cm           28 - 33cm

Large                  73.5 - 78.5cm         9 - 10.2cm         30.5 - 33cm

X Large                76 - 81cm             10 - 14cm          30.5 - 33cm

How do I take measurements to ensure the best possible fit?

All measurements should be taken with the measuring tape against the body. Remember, you want the best fit possible.  Our gear is designed to lie against the contours of the body - your measurements should be taken the same way.

1.   Barrel - around the rib cage at the deepest part of the dog's chest, behind the front shoulders.

2.   Between the Front Legs - most dogs need a 2-3 inch width unless it is a special case.

3.   Body Length - between the inside of the front leg to the inside of the back leg.