Petrainer Anti Bark Collar - Rechargeable

Petrainer Anti Bark Collar - Rechargeable
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This model allows you full control of correcting your dogs nuisance barking.

7 level levels of shock, 6 levels of sensitivity and having a vibration feature for a gentler approach this anti bark collar has a level to suit your pets needs.

Suitable for training most dogs including stubborn dogs.

Correction can be made via shock or vibration that can be easily adjusted.

The Petrainer HDB7 collar works off vibration from the dog it is on, therefore neighboring barking dogs will not interfere giving your dog false corrections.

√   Vibration Mode (V) warning prior to the stimulation
√   6 intensity levels (2-7) for a wide variety of dispositions
√   7 Sensitivity levels (1-7) adjustable for different dogs and environments
√   Easy testing method to check the No Bark Collar
√   Water-proof and Rechargeable
√   Multi-Color LED Battery Life Indicator