ACME Dog Whistle 210

ACME Dog Whistle 210
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High pitch, quiet to users, fitted with a weatherproof pea to provide the famous Acme trill of rolling notes or a variable frequency.

A great whistle for close work and a different style of sound for a different command.

  • CLEAR SIGNALS: With this dog whistle, your dog will receive clear signals and commands. Even loud background sounds (e.g. by motorway, construction site) the whistle is overtoned. Clear communication between you and your dog will be a lot easier.
  • Pitch: This whistle is standard frequency means no matter who uses the whistle is always heard the same sound.  Even if you lose your whistle, you can easily reorder the whistle and it is the exact tone as before without your dog having to get used to a new sound.
  • Whistle: the dog whistle with the ball. It produces a very bright and far-reaching tone that still arrives clearly and clearly at a distance.
  • TRAINING - Whether you are hunting with your dog or always looking to retrieve them on walks, start whistling as early as possible. Once you have conditioned your pet to one frequency, you can stay with it. The advantage of these high-quality Acme whistles is that you can reorder them at the same frequency for years.
  • Key ring: the whistle can be easily hooked to the key or to a separate whistle band using the metal ring. So you always have the important utensil with you on all dog walks. The risk of losing is also minimised.